Pearls from Prince PharmD: 3 Things you need to do to be successful in a professional program

Prince PharmD


Congratulations! You finally got that acceptance letter that you have worked so hard for and are on your way to achieving your dreams. You posted your testimony all over social media about the long nights of tears trying to get to this point and now you have finally made it to the mountain top. Your graduation party was lit and now that the summer is ending, you are preparing to head off to start your journey to be a doctor, pharmacist, dentist, or whatever else it is that you have pursued. One thing remains reality though: people do go off to professional school and fail. Some even finish their professional programs, but graduate into lives of obscurity. Let’s talk about ways to prevent this from being your portion. Continue reading

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by: Prince Chijioke, PharmD. Dr. Chijioke is a guest contributor and Ambassador of PILs.

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