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  • Dr. Yolanda Martinez
    Dr. Yolanda Martinez
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Yolanda Peprah
    Dr. Yolanda Peprah
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Kathy Monangai
    Dr. Kathy Monangai
    Public Health/Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Breanna Taylor
    Dr. Breanna Taylor
  • Dr. Lamees Loubani
    Dr. Lamees Loubani
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Luning Shi
    Dr. Luning Shi
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Osaosemwen Aiyevbomwan
    Dr. Osaosemwen Aiyevbomwan
    Specialty Pharmacy
  • Dr. Victoria Dadebo
    Dr. Victoria Dadebo
  • Dr. Olanike Oladeji
    Dr. Olanike Oladeji
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Damilola Omopariola
    Dr. Damilola Omopariola
    Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Ashley McCracken
    Dr. Ashley McCracken
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Amanda Grego
    Dr. Amanda Grego
    Health Administration/Operations
  • Dr. John Maneno
    Dr. John Maneno
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Keeyan Davis
    Dr. Keeyan Davis
    Specialty Pharmacy
  • Dr. Gerald Tchatchoa
    Dr. Gerald Tchatchoa
    Hospital Pharmacy
  • Dr. Luan G. Truong
    Dr. Luan G. Truong
    General Clinical Practice
  • Dr. Janan Sarwar
    Dr. Janan Sarwar
    Digital Publishing
  • Dr. Jennifer Nguyen
    Dr. Jennifer Nguyen
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Damien Fisher
    Dr. Damien Fisher
    Academia/Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Myla F. Marshall
    Dr. Myla F. Marshall
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Crystal Onwu
    Dr. Crystal Onwu
    Digital Health
  • Dr. Maiah Hardin
    Dr. Maiah Hardin
    General Clinical Practice
  • Dr. Keturah Crease
    Dr. Keturah Crease
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Mark Ray
    Dr. Mark Ray
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Ajarvis Cobb
    Dr. Ajarvis Cobb
    Pharmaceutical Industry/Hospital Pharmacy
  • Dr. Katashia Partee Kendrick
    Dr. Katashia Partee Kendrick
    Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Adam Hussain
    Dr. Adam Hussain
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Nephthalee Edmond Tefera
    Dr. Nephthalee Edmond Tefera
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Kayla Snow Washington
    Dr. Kayla Snow Washington
    Transitions of Care/Ambulatory Care
  • Iqbal Atcha
    Iqbal Atcha
    Human Resources
  • Dr. Tetchi H. Sankara
    Dr. Tetchi H. Sankara
  • Dr. George N. Limen
    Dr. George N. Limen
    Pharmaceutical Industry/Academia
  • Dr. Dawn Bey
    Dr. Dawn Bey
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Atinuke Dami Akinbulumo
    Dr. Atinuke Dami Akinbulumo
    Community Pharmacy
  • Dr. Brandon L. Keith
    Dr. Brandon L. Keith
    Solid Organ Transplant
  • Dr. Jordan Bates
    Dr. Jordan Bates
    Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Robert Chiles
    Dr. Robert Chiles
    Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Lina Samaiye
    Dr. Lina Samaiye
    Community Pharmacy
  • Dr. Sidonie Niba
    Dr. Sidonie Niba
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Kimberly Watson
    Dr. Kimberly Watson
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Kanika Dunn
    Dr. Kanika Dunn
  • Dr. Jarrett Johnson
    Dr. Jarrett Johnson
  • Dr. Emanuel J. George III
    Dr. Emanuel J. George III
  • Dr. Franco Dickson
    Dr. Franco Dickson
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Shanice Anderson
    Dr. Shanice Anderson
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Shanada Monestime
    Dr. Shanada Monestime
  • Dr. Geannette Green
    Dr. Geannette Green
    Managed Care
  • Dr. Yanet Adere
    Dr. Yanet Adere
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Chelsea Sumner
    Dr. Chelsea Sumner
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. KayOnda Bayo
    Dr. KayOnda Bayo
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Roseline Akande
    Roseline Akande
    Community/Public Health (International)
  • Dr. Raena Rhone
    Dr. Raena Rhone
    Pharmaceutical Industry/Hospital Pharmacy
  • Dr. Brandon Nuziale
    Dr. Brandon Nuziale
    Academia/Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Jevon Oliver
    Dr. Jevon Oliver
    Health Administration
  • Okoli Ebere Angela
    Okoli Ebere Angela
    Community/Public Health (International)
  • Dr. Xavier Hill
    Dr. Xavier Hill
    Infectious Diseases/Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Dr. Jacinda Abdul-Mutakabbir
    Dr. Jacinda Abdul-Mutakabbir
    Infectious Diseases/Research
  • Dr. Janay Bailey
    Dr. Janay Bailey
    Pharmacotherapy/Orthopedic and Plastic Surgery
  • Dr. Yewande Dayo
    Dr. Yewande Dayo
    Infectious Diseases/Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Dr. Kalyann Kauv
    Dr. Kalyann Kauv
    Managed Care
  • Dr. Starr Shands
    Dr. Starr Shands
    Ambulatory Care/Federal Pharmacy/Retail Pharmacy
  • Dr. Thomas Roduta
    Dr. Thomas Roduta
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Oluchi Emelogu
    Dr. Oluchi Emelogu
    Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Justina Lipscomb
    Dr. Justina Lipscomb
  • Dr. Jeremy McLemore
    Dr. Jeremy McLemore
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Whitney Strong
    Dr. Whitney Strong
    Community Pharmacy/Transitional Care 
  • Dr. Nwamaka Nwagbologu
    Dr. Nwamaka Nwagbologu
    Internal Medicine/Pharmacy Informatics
  • Dr. Idris Yakubu
    Dr. Idris Yakubu
    Solid Organ Transplant/Academia
  • Dr. Olaide Aiyegbusi
    Dr. Olaide Aiyegbusi
    Ambulatory Care/ Pain Management
  • Dr. Porschia Jordan
    Dr. Porschia Jordan
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Paa Kwesi Yanful
    Dr. Paa Kwesi Yanful
    Ambulatory Care/HIV
  • Dr. Chandler Schexnayder
    Dr. Chandler Schexnayder
    Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Chinelo Oji
    Dr. Chinelo Oji
    Psychiatry/Global Health
  • Dr. Prince Chijioke
    Dr. Prince Chijioke
  • Dr. Ogechi Ubanyionwu
    Dr. Ogechi Ubanyionwu
    Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Chinenye Anyanwu
    Dr. Chinenye Anyanwu
    Research/Public Health
  • Dr. Phuoc Anne Nguyen
    Dr. Phuoc Anne Nguyen
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Juanita Bruce
    Dr. Juanita Bruce
  • Dr. Nicole Anidiobi
    Dr. Nicole Anidiobi
    Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Samuel Ubanyionwu
    Dr. Samuel Ubanyionwu
    Pharmacy Informatics
  • Dr. Martienne Vernon
    Dr. Martienne Vernon
    Psychiatry/Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Emmanuel Aniemeke
    Dr. Emmanuel Aniemeke
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Ericka Hylick
    Dr. Ericka Hylick
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Ashley Oliver
    Dr. Ashley Oliver
    Internal Medicine/Cardiology
  • Dr. Adebayo Ogunniyi
    Dr. Adebayo Ogunniyi
  • Dr. Bijan Mekoba
    Dr. Bijan Mekoba
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Lori A. Gordon
    Dr. Lori A. Gordon
    HIV/Hepatitis C
  • Dr. Ike Oji
    Dr. Ike Oji
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. George Okpamen
    Dr. George Okpamen
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Joshua Blackwell
    Dr. Joshua Blackwell
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Onye Ononogbu
    Dr. Onye Ononogbu
  • Dr. Bryan Sackey
    Dr. Bryan Sackey


What is PILs Connections?

PILs Connections is a free service provided by PILs which allows individuals to connect with our group of pharmacy specialists (Ambassadors) to learn more about their respective practice.

Who are PIL Ambassadors?

PIL Ambassadors are professional consultants of various fields/specialties who serve as a resource for aspiring pharmacists

  • Ambassadors are here to answer specific questions related to their specialty and provide critical advice to help guide your professional endeavors
  • Ambassadors are NOT intended to serve as mentors but rather a quick resource to assist in your professional pursuits