3rd Annual PILs Midyear Scholarship Winners

In a world full of darkness, always remember YOU are light.  As we read every single application for our 3rd Annual PILs Midyear Scholarship, that was abundantly clear.  Your passion and purpose to play a role in changing the face of healthcare will go well beyond 2020.  For those who applied, we are grateful for the sneak-peak into your greatness.

In order to win at every stage, you must first conquer THIS stage.  While there were NO losers in this process, two stories did capture this moment.  Whether it was the consistency of them connecting to their community or the amplification of their academic achievements, both candidates illustrated how this scholarship will help them continue to achieve their overall mission of serving others At This Stage.

We are certainly PILs Proud to announce this year’s scholarship recipients:

With Midyear going virtual this year, we hope you can put this financial investment to good use with whatever digital enhancements you may need.  As current PILs Protoges, we will be cultivating your greatness At Every Stage of your journey!

We are also excited to announce that Ms. Barber and Mr. Andoh are the FIRST recipients of our PILs + IPhO Scholarship.  As inaugural PILs + IPhO Scholars they received free access to the IPhO Annual Meeting September 11-13, 2020.  Whether you are pursuing a fellowship or a residency, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate your virtual learning and relationship building skills.

Stay tuned for MORE exciting news on our complete class of PILs + IPhO Scholars.  This is truly a partnership made in pharmacy heaven.


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