Pharmacy Grows to New Heights

Pharmacy Grows to New Heights

Remember the times as a child being asked the infamous question, “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” Back then our imaginations went wild, from wanting to be an artist, to an astronaut, or some type of superstar. As we grow older and realize our many talents, we start to become a little more realistic about our professional choices. But how many of us really thought about a career in pharmacy? It seemed as if pharmacy was some sort of secret society that was all about counting pills. No one was really talking about it and how great of a profession it truly was. Luckily individuals have ventured out into this profession to share of its many wonders and now pharmacy is recognized as a top career choice.

The field of pharmacy has progressed tremendously. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a projected 14.5% employment growth for pharmacists by 2022, with the field adding 41,400 new jobs, showing solid growth and stability of the profession. The profession of pharmacy not only focuses on the safe and most efficient distribution of medication therapy, but also emphasizes the delivery of patient-centered care. Patient-centered care involves strong patient-provider relationships that includes and addresses the needs of the patient.  Pharmacists are an integral part of the healthcare team and their expertise has been utilized to enhance patient outcomes, improve quality of life and reduce healthcare costs. Pharmacists are recognized as the most trusted healthcare professionals because they are accessible, knowledgeable, and promote health and wellness lifestyles. Pharmacists are not just found within our communities, but also enjoy a wide variety of career opportunities in areas of practice including but not limited to, ambulatory care, hospital, long-term care, pharmaceutical industry, research, regulatory affairs, and academia. 

The road to a career in the field of pharmacy is exciting, yet, it involves a lot of dedication and hard work. Pharmacists are analytical, detailed-oriented, responsible, and possess great communication skills. Future pharmacists are required to complete pre-pharmacy prerequisites (2 years of study or a 4 year bachelor’s degree) prior to the required Doctorate of Pharmacy (4 year professional degree).  Concept: Successful business trend. Happy talented businesswoman pointing arm upwards in front of ascending business graph, isolated on grey background.There are currently 134 schools and colleges of pharmacy in the United States . Upon the completion of school, some pursue additional training through residency and/or fellowship opportunities. Education in the field is ongoing; those in the profession are devoted to its progression and are passionate about practices that will benefit society as a whole. Pharmacy is an up and coming profession that only continues to grow to new and exciting heights each day.

by: Kierra Dotson, PharmD, BCPS. Dr. Dotson is the Chief Editor of The Package Insert.

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