13 Tips to Ensure a Successful Midyear Experience

13 Tips to Ensure a Successful Midyear Experience

The American Society Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting (MCM or simply “Midyear”) is one of the largest gatherings for pharmacy professionals, providing both educational and networking opportunities. Midyear is your first official opportunity to connect with residency programs, network, and make that first impression. The residency showcase and PPS both afford the chance to learn more about prospective programs and exchange information with their representatives. With all the glitz and glam, Midyear can be overwhelming, competitive and exhausting (tons of people, large convention center, and a jammed packed schedule). As stressful as Midyear can be, attendance is a worthwhile experience. Here is a quick guide on how to make the most out of Midyear this year in Las Vegas, NV.

Pre- Game: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

  1. Do your research. Review the ASHP residency directory for a comprehensive list of residency programs. Prepare a list of those that interest you, visit their websites, and develop THOUGHTFUL questions you would like to have answered.
  2. Have a game plan. Once you’ve done your research, figure out which programs you plan to visit. Print the showcase/PPS map to develop a schedule of when and where they will be. This will definitely help you to use your time wisely. (See listing of programs at showcase here)
  3. 5e2ab723f1aa02ae6b2f49eb77966ef8Self-brand. Print around 10-15 copies of your CV (even more if you’re participating in PPS). Use conventional resume paper (≥25% cotton). Business cards are also a must and great for exchanging contact information.


Game Time (surviving the jungle): “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

  1. Dress the part. Business professional attire should be your staple every time you step into the convention center. However, make sure you are also comfortable as the showcase itself can be tiring. Bring a padfolio to carry your papers/CVs in; it also adds to the professional look.
  2. Take notes. After speaking with the programs and asking your THOUGHTFUL questions, write down their answers and any pros/cons you have before heading to your next booth. Trust me, you may forget.
  3. Breathe. Be sure to take a quick break between each booth and WOOSAH.
  4. Play nice. It can get pretty intense in there. Some elbows maybe thrown. Regardless of how “in-your-space” and “extra” other candidates can be, don’t break. Remain professional at all times.

Overtime Work: “Your network is your net worth”

  1. Attend educational sessions. One day (if not already) CEs will be your livelihood. Educational sessions are a great opportunity to learn what’s current in pharmacy and may even help you engage in conversation with individuals you may meet throughout the conference.
  2. Attend poster sessions. The poster sessions are a great opportunity to learn and discuss current projects in pharmacy practice and also an important way to get to know the residents/fellows in their moment of glory.
  3. Network. Don’t shy away from opportunities to connect with others. professionalblackwomanStepping outside of your clique will allow you to meet others who may be able to provide insightful career and educational advice.
  4. Do social media. ASHP LIVE is an app available that provides conference details and allows for attendees to engage through posts, pictures and likes. Enjoy professionally.
  5. Take up the invitation. Attend social receptions provided by exhibitors and training programs. This is a great way to meet others who are interested as well as current and previous employees of that particular program.

Post-game: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”

  1. Pharmacy is a small world. Yes of course, Las Vegas is known to be a fun city and you’ll be there with all of your pharmacy buds, but be mindful at all times of how you are carrying yourself. PLEASE DO NOT ERASE ALL THE HARD WORK YOU PUT IN THROUGHOUT THE CONFERENCE WITH A SLOPPY OUTING ON YOUR LAST NIGHT.


by: Kierra Dotson, PharmD, BCPS. Dr. Dotson is the Chief Editor of The Package Insert.

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