TEDx Lilly Talk by George Okpamen

#TEDx | #TEDxLilly | #BeIntentional X #OneTimeForTheOneTime
How does football tie into pharmacy?  SNPhA-HM-VSF-AAN-ECP?? When can failure be positive???  What the HECK does “One Time For The One Time”  mean????
Hear these answers and more as George looks to bridge the gap by entertaining, engaging, and empowering the audience.
George joined Lilly as a Visiting Scientist Fellow in Corporate Affairs after graduating from Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy in Houston.  His post-doctoral fellowship year was spent with the Global Public Policy group. As he transitioned from the fellowship to his full-time role, he had the unique privilege of joining the executive teams of both the African American Network (AAN) and Early Career Professionals (ECP) where he still serves today.  Currently, he is a proud member of the US Oncology Payer Marketing team led by THE Bob Redman.


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