Happy Birthday – PILs Turned 4!

September 16th marked OUR Birthdayyyy!

Yes.  YOU + ME x US = OUR

WE could not have turned FOUR without YOU!

If you’ve ever shared a PILs Post, attended a PILs Event, or connected with us at a PILs Convo, THANK YOU.  We can’t stop (and won’t stop) thinking about just how far we’ve come.

From a small pharmily of 4 founders to an eclectic PhARMILY of 18 dynamic leaders,

From one Product of PILs pursuing residency training through our programming to almost 100 applications and double-digit PILs proteges across our 2020-2021 residency AND fellowship cohorts,

From 14 pharmacist ambassadors in our first-year to over SIXTY ambassadors with TWO international pharmacists serving from Africa,

We LIT … no we LITERALLY couldn’t have done THIS without YOU.  Birthday’s are a time for celebration AND reflection.  As we celebrate National PILs Day we wanted YOU to join us.

You and I both understand how crucial diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation are to EVERY team – especially in healthcare.  In order to truly impact the current status of the underrepresented and underserved, we’ve got to accelerate our initiative and invest in GROWTH.

Our first four years together were good, but if we’re able to INVEST in each other, our next four can be GREAT.  So there’s only one question left to ask.  How can YOU play a role in impacting healthcare At Every Stage?

Starting TODAY we are launching our INVEST to IMPACT initiative.  By investing and empowering underrepresented communities TOGETHER we can amplify our impact at every stage of healthcare.  Let’s keep it going  – our GOALS are clear.

GROW our PEOPLE by helping 100 people reach the next stage of their career by 12/21/21.

GROW our PURPOSE by helping us raise $100,000 towards empowering underrepresented individuals, initiatives, and innovations by 12/21/21.  For convenience, you can give via our CashApp ($pilsconnect) or PayPal (contact@pilsconnect.com) accounts or head over to our GIVE page to find out other ways YOU can HELP.

GROW our PROFESSION by helping 100% of our leadership team, ambassadors, and protégés serve on at least one other national organization, company, or hospital board by 12/21/21.

Join us and let’s continue to GROW for another FOUR years!

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