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  • Allies 4 Black Women Pharmacists

    “Having a team of people advocating for you when you’re not in the room embodies the meaning of allyship.  I’ve felt the most empowered to speak up when I know I have allies in the room.” – Ijeoma Ekeocha, PharmD What is an ally?  A person of a non-marginalized group who stands up in support…
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  • PILs Conversations Volume 5: Imposter Syndrome

    Have you ever felt like your success wasn’t warranted? Do you feel as though you’re a fraud and at any moment your flaws will be exposed? Then this IS THE conversation for YOU. Tune in Tuesday, October 27th as WE UNPACK  imposter syndrome TOGETHER with you and our distinguished panel, PILs will discuss the scope and impact…
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  • Looking at the (Wo)Man in the Mirror: How to Confront Imposter Syndrome

    “In a few months people will be calling you “Doctor”.  It’s important that you become a drug information expert.  I remember the exact moment that I heard this statement.  I was in one of the final courses in my Doctor of Pharmacy degree program, and my toxicology professor stressed the importance of being a pharmacist,…
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  • PILs Partnerships: The University of Texas at Austin x Pharmacy Initiative Leaders, Inc.

    The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy and Pharmacy Initiative Leaders, Inc (PILs) have formed a collaboration to target underrepresented minorities and first-generation high school and undergraduate students to further engage and retain them in the STEM field of Pharmacy.  With such a diverse population, it is imperative to promote the increase of diversity…
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